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Heathcote William Garrod, ed. (1878–1960).  The Oxford Book of Latin Verse.  1912.
Numa Pompilius. 1. Fragments of the Saliar Hymns
Arval Brothers. 2. Against Plague upon the Harvest. Incertae Aetatis
Anonymous. 3. Charms. Against the Gout. Incertae Aetatis
4. An Ancient Lullaby. Incertae Aetatis
5. Epitaphs of the Scipios
Livius Andronicus. 6. Fragments of the Odyssey
7. Dramatic Fragments
Gnaeus Naevius. 8. Fragments of the Bellum Poenicum
9. Dramatic Fragments
10. His Own Epitaph
Plautus. 11. His Own Epitaph
Marcius Vates. 12. Precepts
13. Vaticinium
Quintus Ennius. 14. The Vision of Ilia
15. Romulus and Remus
16. The Speech of Pyrrhus
17. Character of a Friend of Servilius
18. M. Cornelius Cethegus
19. Caelius resists the Onset of the Istri
20. Toga Cedit Armis
21. Lesser Fragments of the Annals
22. Dramatic Fragments Alcmaeon
23. Andromache
24. Cassandra. i
25. Cassandra. ii
26. Telamon. i
27. Telamon. ii
28. Molestum Otium
29. Medeae Nutrix
30. From the Iphigenia
31. Epitaph for Scipio Africanus
32. The Same
33. Scipio to Ennius
34. His own Epitaph
M. Pacuvius. 35. Fortune
36. The Greeks set sail from Troy
37. Genitabile Caelum
38. Speech
39. Womanish Tears
40. His Own Epitaph
L. Accius. 41. Tarquin’s Dream
42. The Argo seen by a Shepherd who has never seen a Ship
43. Shorter Fragments
Anonymous. 44. Epitaph of Claudia
Pompilius. 45. His Poetical Lineage
Valerius Aedituus. 46. The Lamp of Love
Quintus Lutatius Catulus. 47. Lost: A Heart
48. The Rising sun of Roscius
Porcius Licinus. 49. Ignis Homo Est
50. Terence corrupted by his Patrons
Laevius. 51. From the Erotopaegnia
M. Furius Bibaculus. 52. The Garden of Valerius Cato
53. The Reward of the Scholar
Marcius. 54. ‘Amnem, Troiugena, Cannam fuge, defuge Cannam
Marcus Tullius Cicero. 55. De Consulatu Suo
56. Marius
57. Translations from the Greek From the Odyssey
58. From Sophocles
59. From Euripides
Caius Helvius Cinna. 60. An Astronomical Poem written upon Mallow Leaves
M. Tullius Laurea. 61. Magic Waters in the Garden of Cicero’s Villa
Quintus Tullius Cicero. 62. Astronomical Fragment
Julius Caesar. 63. Terence
Caius Licinius Macer Calvus. 64. Fragments of Epithalamia
65. The Death of Quintilia
Lucretius. 66. Exordium
67. The Rule of Reason
68. Magna Mater
69. Epicurus and the Fear of Death
70. The Powers of Hell
71. The World’s Conquerors
72. Primitive Man
73. Origin of Belief in God
Caius Valerius Catullus. 74. A Hymn to Diana
75. Hymen, O Hymenaee
76. Attis
77. Iunia weds with Manlius
78. To Cornelius Nepos: A Dedication
79. To Veranius: A Welcome Home
80. A Letter to Caecilius
81. Farewell to Bithynia
82. Home-coming to Sirmio
83. The tender Love of Acme and Septimius
84. [Greek]
85. Lesbia’s Sparrow
86. To Lesbia, not to count Kisses
87. Everlasting Love
88. Woman’s Words
89. Man’s Ingratitude
90. To Quintius: A Supplication
91. Loving and Liking
92. Miser Catulle
93. Odi et Amo
94. Num te leaena…?
95. Nuntium Remittit Cynthiae
96. To Alfenus, who betrayed him
97. Vitam puriter egi
98. To Manlius: written in affliction
99. The Friendship of Allius
100. At the Tomb of his Brother
101. To Calvus: on the Death of Quintilia
102. Nothing to do
103. He craves Cornificius’ Pity
104. To any Readers be may have
P. Terentius Varro Atacinus. 105. The Tombs of the Great
L. Varius. 106. Fragments of the De Morte
107. Epilogue to the Vergilian Catalepton
Maecenas. 108. To Horace
Vergil. 109. ‘Is this the Man that made the Earth to tremble
110. ‘Hence, all ye vain Delights
111. ‘Unto you a child is born
112. Pharmaceutria
113. ‘In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread
114. Solem quis dicere falsum audeat?
115. Italia, io te saluto
116. ‘God made the country but man made the town
117. Exordium
118. Orpheus and Eurydice
119. The Aeneid
Horace. 120. Romanae fidicen lyrae
121. Song Makes Immortal
122. Spring: An Invitation to Vergil
123. Winter
124. To Venus
125. ‘What slender youth
126. Amoris Integratio
127. Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait
128. The Latter End of Lyce
129. He Abandons the Lists of Love
130. Rursus bella moues?
131. A Bachelor Festival
132. A Retreat for Old Age
133. Welcome home to Pompeius
134. Eheu fugaces
135. An Invitation to Maecenas
136. Pia Testa
137. High and Low, Rich and Poor
138. The Strenuous Life
139. The Path of the Just
140. Pollio
141. Regulus
142. Cleopatra
143. Augustus returns in triumph
144. Deliverance from Death
145. Bandusia
146. Mens Aequa
147. Pindar
148. The Daughters of Danaus
149. To Vergil: on the Death of Duintilius
150. Beatus unicis Sabinis
151. A Hard Winter
152. Tow Poems on the Return of Spring
153. Horace’s Monument
Tibullus. 154. Love in the Valley
155. Lines Written in Sickness at Corcyra
156. A Shattered Dream of Love
157. The Blessings of Peace
158. A Rural Festival
159. In Honour of Messalinus, elected Guardian of the Sibylline Oracles
160. He appeals to Nemesis by the Memory of her dead Sister
Domitius Marsus. 161. On the Death, in the same year, of Vergil and Tibullus
Sextus Propertius. 162. His Birthplace
163. His Place in Poetry
164. The Power of Song
165. The first Onset of Love
166. A Portrait of the Love God
167. To one who despised Love, and is now enslaved
168. To the same: Poets of Epic and Poets of Love
169. Cynthia’s Birthday
170. Cynthia’s Sickness
171. A Dream about Cynthia
172. Warning to a Rival
173. To Cynthia on her Kindness to his Rival
174. Cynthia is stolen from him
175. Athens shall cure him of his Love
176. Cynthia will one day be but Dust and Ashes
177. Cynthia Dead
178. Hylas
179. Cornelia’s Plea
180. The Triumpbs of Augustus in the East
181. Elegy on the Death of Marcellus
182. The Lover alone knows in what Hour Death shall come to him
183. ‘When I die, Cynthia
Lygdamus. 184. He dreams that Neaera is false to him
185. From a Sickbed
Sulpicia. 186. Cerintbus’ Birthday
187. To Phoebus: A Prayer in Sickness
188. In Sickness: to Cerintbus
Anonymous. 189. Foul Rumour
Messallae Panegyristae. 190. Mighty in Peace as Mighty in Arms
Anonymous. 191. Epitaph of Heluia Prima
Cornelius Severus. 192. The Death of Cicero
Anonymous. 193. Aetatis Augusteae. Post Mortem Nulla Voluptas
194. Epicedion Drusi
Marcus Manilius. 195. The Science of Nature
196. The Milky Way
197. Comets
198. The Theme of the Astrological Poet
199. The Rarity of True Friendship
200. Line upon Line
201. A New Poetry
202. The Rule of Fate
203. Macrocosm and Microcosm
204. Andromeda
Albinovanus Pedo. 205. ‘Over the Seas our Galleys went
Ovid. 206. His Autobiography
207. Epic and Love Elegy
208. Tragedy and Love Elegy
209. Love and War
210. The Captive of Love
211. Love and Song
212. Cruel Dawn
213. The Loves of Rivers
214. Farewell to Love-poetry
215. The Dead Parrot
216. Phyllis to Demophoon
217. Elegy on the Death of Tibullus
218. A Friend in Need
219. To Maximus: on the Death of Celsus
220. Lines Written in Sickness
221. The Immortality of Poetry
Anonymous. 222. Exordium to a Poem on the Sea
Germanicus Caesar. 223. From the Golden to the Iron Age
224. At the Tomb of Hector
Phaedrus. 225. Socrates
226. Opportunity
227. Epilogue
Anonymous. 228. Poetry and Science
229. Precatio Terrae
230. Epitaph of Homonoea and Atimetus
231. The Complaint of the Garden God
Seneca, the younger. 232. Time
233. Corsica
234. Athens
235. Britain
236. On the Death of Crispus
237. The Only Immortality
238. The Last Pilgrimage
239. Fatal Beauty
240. Death has no Terror
241. Hymeneal
242. The Lot of Kings
243. Mutability
244. The Saying of Orphens
Columella. 245. The Flowery Spring
Anonymous. 246. Redeunt Saturnia Regna
Calpurnius. 247. A Singing Match
Lucan (?). 248. His Own Epitaph
Anonymous. 249. Laus Pisonis
Petronius. 250. Thorns and Roses
251. ‘Come to me in my dreams
252. True Nobility
253. Contrasts
254. Fire and Ice
L. Verginius Rufus. 255. His Own Epitaph
Publius Papinius Statius. 256. Lucan’s Birthday
257. On the Death of a Favourite Parrot
258. The Marriage of Stella and Violentilla
259. A Villa at Tibur
260. To Claudius Etruscus on the Death of his Father
261. ‘He bath outsoared the shadow of our night
262. To Sleep
Martial. 263. Bilbilis
264. He sends his Book to Caesius
265. To Silius-Italicus
266. Life not Legends
267. To Valerius Flaccus
268. Character of a Happy Life
269. Quintus Ovidius’ Birthday
270. The Marriage of Pudens and Claudia
271. In Memoriam
272. ‘The Ledean stars so famed for love Wondered at us from above
273. The Villa of Fulius Martialis
274. Diadumenos
275. Earinos
276. To a Schoolmaster
277. Long Life and Strong Life
278. The Conditions of Friendship
279. ‘Domestic Life
280. Saturnalia
281. To the Rhine to send Trajan safe home
282. A purer Sappho
283. Posthumous Fame
284. Contemporary Fame
285. Valedictory
Anonymous. 286. Epitaphs
Hadrian. 287. To his Soul
Anonymous. 288. Epitaph of M. Pomponius Bassulus
289. Epitaph of Serenus
290. Epitaph of Ursus
Annius Florus. 291. ‘Tongues I’ll bang on every tree
292. Apollo and Bacchus
293. Bacchus
294. Women
295. Evil Communications
296. A Study in Antithesis
297. French and English
298. The Rarity of Poets and their Patrons
C. Sulpicius Apollinaris. 299. Vergil’s Aeneid
300. Epitaph of Seneca
Anonymous. 301. Vine
Gallienus. 302. Ludite
M. Aurelius Olumpius Nemesianus. 303. Exordium to a Poem on Hunting
304. Pan
Anonymous. 305. Epitaph on M. P. Flavius Postumius Varus
306. To the Sea
307. Boating Song
308. ‘Margaret’: A Dog’s Epitaph
Claudius. 309. To the Moon
Lucius Caelius Firmianus Lactantius. 310. The Phoenix
Cato. 311. Moral Distichs
Reposianus. 312. The Bridal Bower of Mars and Venus
Pentadius. 313. Narcissus
314. Woman
Anonymous. 315. Epitaph on the Actor Vitalis
Tiberianus. 316. A Woodland Scene
317. Gold
318. ‘Too Adventurous Wings
319. God
320. Peruigilium Veneris
Anonymous. 321. Epitaph of a Charioteer
Alcimius. 322. Vergil and Homer
323. A Present from Lesbia
324. Eloquent Eyes
Ausonius. 325. Dedication
326. To Tetradius: A Remonstrance
327. A Letter to Paulinus
328. To his Wife
329. Nemesis (From the Greek)
330. One-sided Love (From the Greek)
331. The Spartan’s Shield
332. In Commendation of his Book
333. To his Book
334. Myro’s Heifer
335. A Picture of Echo
336. The Ideal Mistress
337. Narcissus
338. Dedication of a Mirror
339. The Graves of a Household
340. An Epitaph for his Father
341. In Memory of his Teacher, Nepotianus
342. Epitaphs of Heroes
343. In Tumulo Hominis Felicis
344. To his Villa
345. The Martyrdom of Cupid
346. Valedictory
Modestinus. 347. Another Martyrdom of Cupid
pseudo-Ausonius. 348. ‘Gather ye Rosebuds
349. For a Statue of Dido
350. A Pretty Boy
351. Galla
Avienus. 352. Prologue to the Aratea
Anonymous. 353. Epitaph of M. Vettius Agorius Praetextatus and Paulina his Wife
Asmenius. 354. Thoughts in a Garden
The Asmenidae. 355. Fortune
356. Orpheus
357. Vergil Distichs
358. Vergil Quatrains
Anonymous. 359. Carpe Diem
360. Epithalamium
361. The Grave of Nymphius
362. Roses and Thorns
Sulpicius Lupercus Servasius Iunior. 363. The Work of Time
364. On Avarice
Claudian. 365. An Eagle of Roman Song
366. A Council of War—and War
367. The Marriage of Honorius and Maria
368. The Recluse
369. Epistle to Serena
370. Love in a Cottage
Avianus. 371. The Ass in the Lion’s Skin
372. The Peacock and the Crane
Rutilius Claudius Namatianus. 373. Rome
Apollinaris Sidonius. 374. For the Marriage of Polemius and Araneola
375. A Gallic Baiae
376. An Invitation
377. Epitaph of Filimatia
Flavius Felix. 378. To his Patron
Luxorius. 379. To his Readers
380. The Garden of Eugetus
381. A Rose with a hundred Petals
382. A Water Urn with a Figure of Cupid
383. His Book’s proper Place
Phocas. 384. Poetry and Time (Prefixed to his Life of Vergil)


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