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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in Eighteen Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XII. The Romantic Revival.

Table of Principal Dates.

1712 J. J. Rousseau born (d. 1778).
1731 The Gentleman’s Magazine.
1732 The London Magazine.
1749 Goethe born (d. 1832).
1749 The Monthly Review.
1759 Porson born (d. 1808).
1760–1820 George III.
1763 Rousseau’s Contrat Social.
1766 Lessing’s Laokoon.
1770 Wordsworth born (d. 1850).
1771 Walter Scott born (d. 1832).
1772 Coleridge born (d. 1834).
1773 Goethe’s Götz von Berlichingen (Scott’s translation, 1799).
1774 Goethe’s Sorrows of Werther.
1775 Jane Austen born (d. 1817).
1775 Charles Lamb born (d. 1834).
1778 Hazlitt born (d. 1830).
1778 Byron born (d. 1824).
1779 Lessing’s Nathan der Weise.
1781 Rousseau’s Confessions.
1792 Shelley born (d. 1822).
1792 Keble born (d. 1866).
1792 Rogers’s The Pleasures of Memory.
1793 The British Critic.
1794 Grote born (d. 1871).
1795 Carlyle born (d. 1881).
1795 Keats born (d. 1821).
1795 Lindley Murray’s English Grammar.
1796 The Monthly Magazine.
1798 Landor’s Gebir.
1798–9 Schiller’s Wallenstein (trans. Coleridge, 1800).
1799 Campbell’s The Pleasures of Hope.
1799 Sir W. Jones’s Collected Works.
1800 Pusey born (d. 1882).
1800 Bloomfield’s The Farmer’s Boy.
1801 Newman born (d. 1890).
1802 Second edition of Porson’s Praefatio ad Hecubam.
1802 The Edinburgh Review.
1802–3 Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.
1805 Cary’s trans. of The Inferno.
1805 Scott’s The Lay of the Last Minstrel.
1807 Byron’s Hours of Idleness.
1807 Lamb’s Tales from Shakespear.
1808 Scott’s Marmion.
1808 Lamb’s Specimens of English Dramatic Poets.
1808–21 The Examiner (ed. Leigh Hunt).
1809 Byron’s English Bards and Scotch Reviewers.
1809 The Quarterly Review.
1810 Scott’s The Lady of the Lake.
1811 Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.
1812 Landor’s Count Julian.
1812 J. and H. Smith’s Rejected Addresses.
1812–18 Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.
1813 Shelley’s Queen Mab.
1813 Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
1813 Scott’s Rokeby.
1813 Byron’s The Bride of Abydos and The Giaour.
1814 Scott’s Waverley.
1814 The New Monthly Magazine.
1814 Byron’s The Corsair and Lara.
1814 Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park.
1814 Jeffrey’s article on The Excursion in The Edinburgh Review.
1815 Scott’s Guy Mannering.
1816 Byron leaves England.
1816 Shelley’s Alastor.
1816 Jane Austen’s Emma.
1816 Scott’s The Antiquary, Old Mortality and The Black Dwarf.
1816 Byron’s Parisina and The Siege of Corinth.
1817 Chalmer’s Astronomical Discourses.
1817 Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria.
1817 Moore’s Lalla Rookh.
1817 Hazlitt’s The Round Table.
1817 Byron’s Manfred.
1817 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine.
1817 Hazlitt’s Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays.
1818 Scott’s The Lord of the Isles, The Heart of Midlothian and Rob Roy.
1818 Byron’s Beppo.
1818 Shelley’s Laon and Cythna (The Revolt of Islam).
1818 Keat’s Endymion.
1818 Hazlitt’s A View of the English Stage and Lectures on the English Poets.
1818 Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.
1818 Susan E. Ferrier’s Marriage.
1818 Mary W. Shelley’s Frankenstein.
1819 Scott’s The Bride of Lammermoor and The Legend of Montrose.
1819 Shelley’s The Cenci.
1819 Hazlitt’s Lectures on the English Comic Writers and Political Essays.
1819–24 Byron’s Don Juan.
1820 Hazlitt’s Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth.
1820 The London Magazine (Lamb, Hazlitt, Keats, De Quincey, Hunt).
1820 The Retrospective Review.
1820 Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound.
1820 Keats’s Lamia, Isabella and The Eve of St. Agnes, etc.
1820 Scott’s Ivanhoe, The Abbot and The Monastery.
1820 Clare’s Poems.
1820–30 George IV.
1821 Shelley’s Epipsychidion and Adonais.
1821 Scott’s Kenilworth.
1821 Byron’s Cain and Marino Faliero, The Two Foscari, Sardanapalus.
1821 Galt’s The Annals of The Parish.
1821–2 Hazlitt’s Table Talk.
1822 De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium Eater. (In The London Magazine, 1821.)
1822 Noctes Ambrosianae written for Blackwood.
1822 Scott’s The Pirate, The Fortunes of Nigel, Peveril of the Peak.
1822 Beddoes’s The Bride’s Tragedy.
1822 Wells’s Stories after Nature.
1822 Lockhart’s Adam Blair.
1822–8 Rogers’s Italy.
1823 Scott’s Quentin Durward.
1823 Lamb’s Elia.
1824 Scott’s Redgauntlet.
1824 Wells’s Joseph and his Brethren.
1824 The Westminster Review.
1824–53 Landor’s Imaginary Conversations.
1825 Hazlitt’s The Spirit of the Age.
1825 Death of Samuel Parr.
1826 Scott’s Woodstock.
1826 Hazlitt’s The Plain Speaker.
1827 Darley’s Sylvia.
1827 Hood’s The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies.
1827 Pollok’s The Course of Time.
1827 Keble’s The Christian Year.
1828 Moir’s Mansie Wauch.
1829 Croly’s Salathiel.
1830 Fraser’s Magazine.
1831 Erskine’s The Brazen Serpent.
1831 Elliott’s Corn-law Rhymes.
1832 Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine.
1832 Chambers’s Journal.
1833 Keble’s National Apostasy, the beginning of the Oxford movement.
1833 Hartley Coleridge’s Poems.
1833 Lamb’s The Last Essays of Elia.
1833–4 Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus appears in Fraser.
1833 ff. Tracts for the Times.
1834 Taylor’s Philip van Artevelde.
1834 Myers’s Catholic Thoughts.
1834 Marryat’s Jacob Faithful and Peter Simple.
1834–43 Newman’s Parochial and Plain Sermons.
1835 Strauss’s Life of Jesus.
1835–44 Thirlwall’s A History of Greece.
1836 Scott’s Tom Cringle’s Log.
1836 Marryat’s Mr. Midshipman Easy.
1836 Mrs. Gore’s Mrs. Armytage.
1836 The Dublin Review.
1836 Lyra Apostolica.
1836 Landor’s Pericles and Aspasia.
1837 Sarah Coleridge’s Phantasmion.
1837 Landor’s Pentameron.
1837–8 Lockhart’s Memoirs of Scott.
1838–9 R. H. Froude’s Remains.
1838–43 Arnold’s History of Rome.
1838–85 The Library of the Fathers.
1839 Wiseman’s article on the Donatists in The Dublin Review.
1840 Barham’s The Ingoldsby Legends.
1840 Coleridge’s Confessions of an Enquiring Spirit.
1841 Tract 90.
1843 Liddell and Scott’s A Greek-English Lexicon.
1843–7 Martineau’s Endeavours after the Christian Life.
1844 Chambers’s Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation.
1844 Finlay’s Greece under the Romans.
1844 Stanley’s Life of Arnold.
1844 Ward’s The Ideal of a Christian Church.
1844 Barnes’s Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect.
1844 The North British Review.
1845 Newman’s An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine.
1845 Newman received into the Roman Catholic church.
1845–56 Grote’s History of Greece.
1846 R. E. Landor’s The Fawn of Sertorius.
1847 Leigh Hunt’s Men, Women and Books.
1848 Leigh Hunt’s The Town.
1848 Catherine Crowe’s The Night Side of Nature.
1848 Layard’s Nineveh.
1849 Froude’s The Nemesis of Faith.
1850 Tennyson’s In Memoriam.
1850 Beddoes’s Death’s Jest Book (first form finished in 1829).
1850 F. W. Newman’s Phases of Faith.
1850–64 Merivale’s History of the Romans under the Empire.
1853 Mayor’s Juvenal.
1853 Maurice’s Theological Essays.
1854–5 Milman’s The History of Latin Christianity.
1855 Leigh Hunt’s The Old Court Suburb.
1855 G. C. Lewis’s Credibility of Early Roman History.
1855 ff. Robertson’s Sermons (posthumous).
1857 W. H. Smith’s Thorndale.
1860 Essays and Reviews.
1862 The Cornhill Magazine.
1862–79 Colenso’s The Pentateuch.
1863 Freeman’s History of Federal Government, vol. 1.
1863–76 Stanley’s Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church.
1864 Newman’s Apologia pro vita sua.
1864 Munro’s Lucretius.
1864 Praed’s Poems (collected).
1865 Seeley’s Ecce Homo.
1866 Newman’s The Dream of Gerontius.
1866 Hinton’s The Mystery of Pain.
1869 Hawker’s Cornish Ballads.
1870 Newman’s An Essay in aid of a Grammar of Assent.
1870 Church’s Life of St. Anselm.
1871 Hutton’s Essays, Theological and Literary.
1871 Erskine’s The Spiritual Order (posthumous).
1871 Jowett’s The Dialogues of Plato.
1875 Pattison’s Isaac Casaubon.
1875–88 Robertson Smith’s articles in The Encyclopaedia Britannica 9th edn.
1879 Church’s Spenser.
1879–87 M. Müller’s Sacred Books of the East.
1880–3 Arber’s English Garner.
1880–99 Hodgkin’s Italy and her Invaders.
1881 Westcott and Hort’s The New Testament.
1882 Seeley’s Natural Religion.
1883 Drummond’s Natural Law in the Spiritual World.
1883 ff. Jebb’s Sophocles.
1891 Church’s The Oxford Movement.
1894 Skeat’s Chaucer.
1894 Tyrrell’s External Religion.
1897 Tyrrell’s Nova et Vetera.
1898 Tyrrell’s Hard Sayings.

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