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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (II) Intersocial Volition
Section II. Special Intersocial Volition
765. Request.
NOUN:REQUEST, requisition; claim (demand) [See Command]; petition, suit, prayer; begging letter, round robin.
  motion, overture, application, canvass, address, appeal, apostrophe; imprecation; rogation [eccl.]; proposal, proposition.
  orison (worship) [See Worship]; incantation (spell) [See Spell].
  mendicancy, mendicat on [rare]; asking, begging &c. v.; postulation, solicitation, invitation, entreaty, importunity, supplication, instance, impetration, imploration, obsecration, obtestation, invocation, interpellation.
VERB:REQUEST, ask, beg, crave, sue, pray, petition, solicit, invite, pop the question [colloq.], make bold to ask; beg leave, beg a boon; apply to, call to, put to; call upon, call for; make -, address -, p refer -, put up- a -request, - prayer, - petition; make -application, - a requisition; ask -, trouble- one for; claim (demand) [See Command]; offer up prayers (worship) [See Worship]; whistle for [colloq.].
  bespeak, canvass, tout [cant, Eng.], make interest, court; seek, bid for (offer) [See Offer]; publish the banns.
  ENTREAT, beseech, plead, supplicate, beg hard, implore; conjure, adjure; obsecrate [rare], apostrophize, obtest [rare]; cry to, kneel to, appeal to; invoke, evoke; impetrate, imprecate, ply, press, urge, beset, importune, dun, tax, clamor for; cry aloud, cry for help; fall on one’s knees; throw oneself at the feet of; come down on one’s marrowbones [slang or humorous].
  beg from door to door, send the hat round, go a-begging; mendicate [rare], mump, cadge [dial. or slang, Eng.], beg one’s bread.
  dance attendance on, besiege, knock at the door.
ADJECTIVE:REQUESTING &c. v.; precatory, suppliant, supplicant, supplicatory, invocative, invocatory, invitatory, imprecatory, rogatory; postulatory [rare], postulant; obsecratory [rare], obsecrationary [rare]; imploratory [rare], mendicant, mendicatory [obs.].
  IMPORTUNATE, clamorous, urgent, solicitous; cap in hand; on one’s -knees, - bended knees, - marrowbones [slang or humorous].
ADVERB:PLEASE, prithee, do, pray; be so good as, be good enough; have the goodness, vouchsafe, will you, I pray thee, if you please.
INTERJECTION:for- God’s, - heaven’s - goodness’, - mercy’s- sake! we beseech thee to hear us! help! save me!
  1. Dieu vous garde.
  2. Dirige nos Domine.
  3. Urge them while their souls Are capable of this ambition.—King John


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