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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section III. Voluntary Action
1. Simple Voluntary Action
684. Haste.
NOUN:HASTE, urgency, dispatch or despatch, acceleration, spurt or spirt, forced march, rush, scurry or skurry, scuttle, dash; velocity [See Velocity]; precipitancy, precipitation, precipitousness &c. adj.; impetuosity; brusquerie [F.]; hurry, drive, scramble, bustle, fuss, fidget, flurry, flutter, splutter.
VERB:HASTE, hasten; make haste, make a dash &c. n.; hurry -, dash -, whip -, push -, press- -on, - forward; hurry, scurry or skurry, scuttle along, bundle on, dart to and fro, bustle, flutter, scramble; plunge, - headlong; dash off; rush (violence) [See Violence]; express, railroad [colloq., U. S.].
  BESTIR ONESELF (be active) [See Activity]; lose -no time, - not a moment, - not an instant; make short work of; make the best of one’s -time, - way.
  be precipitate &c. adj.; jump at, be in haste, be in a hurry &c. n.; have -no time -, have not a moment- -to lose, - to spare; work against time, work under pressure.
  QUICKEN [See Velocity]; accelerate, expedite, put on, precipitate, urge, whip, spur, flog, goad.
ADJECTIVE:HASTY, hurried, brusque; scrambling, cursory, precipitate, headlong, furious, boisterous, impetuous, hot-headed; feverish, fussy; pushing.
  IN HASTE, in a hurry &c. n.; in hot haste, in all haste; breathless, pressed for time, hard pressed, urgent.
ADVERB:WITH HASTE, with all haste, with breathless speed; in haste &c. adj.; apace (swiftly) [See Velocity]; amain; all at once (instantaneously) [See Instantaneity]; at short notice &c., immediately (early) [See Earliness]; posthaste; by cable, by telegraph, by wireless [colloq.], by aëroplane, by return mail, by steam [colloq.], by forced marches.
  HASTILY, precipitately &c. adj.; helter-skelter, hurry-skurry, holus-bolus; slap-dash, slap-bang; full-tilt, full-drive; heels over head, head and shoulders, headlong, à corps perdu [F.].
  BY FITS AND STARTS, by spurts; hop skip and jump.
INTERJECTION:RUSH! immediate! urgent! look alive! jaldi karo! [Hind.]; get a move on! [colloq.], get a wiggle on! [colloq.]; quickmarch! [mil.], double! [mil.]; gallop! charge! [mil.].
  1. Sauve qui peut, devil take the hindmost, no time to be lost.
  2. Sharp is the word.
  3. No sooner said than done (early) [See Earliness].
  4. A word and a blow.
  5. Maggiore frétta minore átto.
  6. Ohne Hast aber ohne Rast.—Goethe’s motto
  7. Stand not upon the order of your going.—Macbeth
  8. Swift, swift, you dragons of the night.—Cymbeline


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