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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VIII. Causation
3. Power in Operation
173. Violence.
NOUN:VIOLENCE, inclemency, vehemence, might, impetuosity, furiosity [rare]; boisterousness &c. adj.; effervescence, ebullition; turbulence, bluster; uproar, callithump [U. S.], riot, row [colloq.], rumpus [colloq.], le diable à quatre [F.], devil to pay [colloq.], all the fat in the fire [colloq.].
  FEROCITY, rage, fury; exacerbation, exasperation, malignity; severity [See Severity].
  FORCE, brute force; outrage; coup de main [F.]; strain, shock, shog [rare].
  FIT, paroxysm, spasm, convulsion, throe; hysterics, passion &c. (state of excitability) [See Excitability]; orgasm, aphrodisia.
  OUTBREAK, outburst; debacle; burst, bounce, dissilience [rare], discharge, volley, explosion, blow-up, blast, detonation, rush, eruption, displosion [obs.], torrent.
  TURMOIL (disorder) [See Disorder]; ferment (agitation) [See Agitation]; storm, tempest, rough weather; squall (wind) [See Wind]; earthquake, volcano, thunderstorm.
  FURY, berserk or berserker, dragon, demon, tiger, beldam or beldame, madcap, wild beast; fire eater [colloq.] (blusterer) [See Blusterer]; Erinys (pl. Erinyes), Eumenides, Tisiphone, Megæra, Alecto.
VERB:BE VIOLENT &c. adj.; run high; ferment, effervesce; romp, rampage; run wild, run riot; break the peace; rush, tear; rush headlong, rush headforemost; run amuck, raise a storm, make a riot; make -, kick up- a row [colloq.]; rough-house [slang]; bluster, rage, roar, riot, storm; boil, boil over; fume, foam, come in like a lion, wreak, bear down, ride roughshod, out-Herod Herod; spread like wildfire.
  EXPLODE, go off, displode [obs.], detonate, detonize, fulminate, let off, let fly, discharge, thunder, blow up, flash, flare, burst; shock, strain.
  BREAK OPEN, force open, prize open, pry open; break out, fly out, burst out.
  RENDER VIOLENT &c. adj.; sharpen, stir up, quicken, excite, incite, urge, lash, stimulate; irritate, inflame, kindle, suscitate [obs.], foment; accelerate, aggravate, exasperate, exacerbate, convulse, infuriate, madden, lash into fury; fan the flame, add fuel to the flame; oleum addere camino [L.].
ADJECTIVE:VIOLENT, vehement; warm; acute, sharp; rough, tough [colloq.], vicious [colloq.], rude, ungentle, bluff, boisterous, wild; brusque, abrupt, waspish; impetuous; rampant.
  TURBULENT; disorderly; blustering, towering, raging &c. v.; troublous, riotous; tumultuary, tumultuous; obstreperous, uproarious; extravagant; unmitigated, immitigable; ravening, tameless; frenzied (insane) [See Insanity]; desperate (rash) [See Rashness]; infuriate, furious, outrageous, frantic, hysteric, in hysterics.
  FIERY, flaming, scorching, hot, red-hot, ebullient.
  SAVAGE, fierce, ferocious, fierce as a tiger.
  EXCITED &c. v.; unquelled, unquenched, unextinguished, unrepressed, unbridled, unruly; headstrong; ungovernable, unappeasable, unmitigable; uncontrollable, incontrollable; insuppressible, irrepressible; orgastic.
  SPASMODIC, convulsive, explosive; detonating &c. v.; volcanic, meteoric; stormy (wind) [See Wind].
ADVERB:VIOLENTLY &c. adj.; amain; by storm, by force, by main force; with might and main; tooth and nail, vi et armis [L.], at the point of the -sword, - bayonet; at one fell swoop; with a high hand, through thick and thin; in desperation, with a vengeance; à outrance [F.], à toute outrance [F.]; headlong, headfirst, headforemost.
  APHRODISIAC, aphrodisiacal, aphroditous.
  1. Furor arma ministrat.
  2. Blown with restless violence round about the pendent world.—Measure for Measure
  3. Hysterica passio! down, thou climbing sorrow!—King Lear


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