Reference > Roget’s > International Thesaurus > 102. Multitude.
Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section V. Number
3. Indeterminate Number
102. Multitude.
NOUN:MULTITUDE; multitudinousness, numerousness &c. adj.; numerosity, numerality [obs.]; multiplicity; profusion (plenty) [See Sufficiency]; legion, host; great number, large number, round number, enormous number; a quantity, numbers, array, sight, army, sea, galaxy; scores, peck, bushel, shoal, oodles [slang], pile [colloq.], heap [colloq.], power [colloq.], sight [colloq.], lot [colloq.], lots [colloq.], swarm, bevy, cloud, flock, herd, drove, flight, covey, hive, brood, litter, farrow, fry, nest; mob, crowd (assemblage) [See Assemblage]; all the world and his wife [humorous].
  [INCREASE OF NUMBER] greater number, majority; multiplication, multiple.
VERB:BE NUMEROUS &c. adj.; swarm with, teem with, be alive with, creep with; crowd, swarm, come thick upon; outnumber, multiply; people; swarm like locusts, swarm like bees.
ADJECTIVE:MANY, several, sundry, divers, various, not a few; Briarean; a hundred, a thousand, a myriad, a million, a billion, a quadrillion, a nonillion, a thousand and one; some ten or a dozen, some forty or fifty &c.; half a dozen, half a hundred &c.; alive with; very many, full many, ever so many; numerous; profuse, in profusion; manifold, multifold, multiplied, multitudinous, multiple, multinomial, teeming, populous, peopled, outnumbering, crowded, thick, studded; galore [colloq.].
  thick coming, many more, more than one can tell, a world of; no end of, no end to; cum multis aliis [L.], thick as hops, thick as hail; plenty as blackberries; numerous as the stars in the firmament, numerous as the sands on the seashore, numerous as the hairs on the head; and what not, and heaven knows what; endless (infinite) [See Infinity].
  1. Their name is “Legion.”
  2. Acervatim.
  3. En foule.
  4. Many-headed multitude.—Sidney
  5. Thick as autumnal leaves that strow the brooks In Vallombrosa.—Milton
  6. Numerous as glittering gems of morning dew.—Young
  7. Vel prece vel pretio.


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