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John Bartlett, comp. (1820–1905).  Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.  1919.
Concordance Index
Page 377
What is her history, 75.
is impossible can’t be, 454.
is in a name, 105.
is knowledge but grieving, 780.
is one man’s poison, 199.
is sweet, sipping only, 617.
is the night, 123.
is wealth, 794.
is worth in anything, 213.
is writ is writ, 548.
is yours is mine, 50, 886.
it can not find creates, or, 647.
makes all doctrines plain, 215.
makes his dawning glow, 611.
man dare I dare, 122.
may man within him hide, 49.
men call treasure and the gods, 738.
men daily do not knowing, 52.
men dare do what men may do, 52.
men have done, 828.
mighty contests rise, 325.
more felicitie can fall, 30.
ne’er was nor is, 323.
news on the Rialto, 61.
none hath dared thou hast done, 26.
oft was thought, 323.
’s that, and say, 838.
seest thou else, 42.
shall I do with all the days, 686.
so rare as a day in June, 734.
sought they thus afar, 569.
strange stuff ambition feeds, on, 724.
summer redundant, wanting is, 713.
the dickens, 46.
they would give, lawyers take, 691.
they would take, doctors give, 691.
thou liv’st live well, 240.
thou wouldst highly, 117.
though the field be lost, 223.
use to brood this life of, 683.
was good shall be good, 710.
was shall live as before, 710.
we anticipate seldom occurs, 628.
we gave we have, 988.
we have we prize not, 53.
we least expected happens, 628.
we left we lost, 988.
we ought not we do, 754.
we spent we had, 988.
we would but what we must, not, 763.
will come and must come, 783.
will Mrs. Grundy say, 457.
you see, yet can not, 584.
Whate’er we leave to God God does, 722.
Whatever gods may be, 806.
is best administered, 318.
is is in its causes just, 276.
is is not, 284.
is is right, 316.
is worth doing at all, 352.
was great seemed to him little, 601.
was or is or will be, 926.
Whatsoever a man soweth, 1039.
state I am, in, 1039.
thing is lost, 424.
things are honest, 1039.
Whatsoever things are just, 1039.
things are lovely, 1039.
things are of good report, 1039.
things are pure, 1039.
things are true, 1039.
thy hand findeth to do, 1023.
ye would that men should do, 1031.
Wheat, as two grains of, 60.
for this planting, 646.
Wheedling arts, the, 348.
Wheel, as she turns the giddy, 393.
between the poles, that, 682.
broken at the cistern, 1023.
butterfly upon a, 328.
in the midst of a wheel, 1027.
noisy, was still, 664.
shoulder to the, 189.
the sofa round, 420.
the world is a, 629.
viewless voiceless turner of the, 815.
Wheels of brazen chariots, 236.
of Phœbus’ wain, 243.
of weary life stood still, 276.
run down, and all the, 728.
Wheel-work, was man made a, 710.
Wheeson week, Wednesday in, 89.
Whelp and hound, mongrel, 400.
slander the foulest, of sin, 598.
When all its work is done the lie, 757.
all the world is old lad, 728.
another rock would crown, 704.
awful darkness and silence, 703.
faith is lost when honor dies, 649.
found make a note of, 702.
he made Old Hundred ring, 736.
he would he shall have nay, 9.
he’s laughed and said his say, 697.
I ope my lips, 60.
I put out to sea, 685.
I was one-and-twenty, 842.
in doubt win the trick, 1053.
Israel of the Lord, 493.
Israel was from bondage led, 261.
last we heard the sweet bells, 597.
like the rising day, 611.
lilacs last in the door-yard, 744.
love speaks, 56.
lovely woman stoops to folly, 403.
moment on moment, 631.
nor, we will resign, 753.
peace shall over all the, 695.
Rudyards cease from Kipling, 867.
seven long years had come, 868.
shall we three meet again, 115.
stars illume the sky, 597.
taken to be well shaken, 454.
that which drew from out, 685.
the age is in the wit is out, 52.
the night-wind bewaileth, 715.
the sea was roaring, ’t was, 347.
the sun in all its state, 758.
we two parted, 539.
will the morning break, 802.
winds are raging o’er, 700.
you sleep in your cloak, 750.
Whence and what art thou, 229.
be the grapes of the wine-press, 605.
can comfort spring, 479.

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