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John Bartlett, comp. (1820–1905).  Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.  1919.
Concordance Index
Page 306
Slain, thrice my peace was, 306.
with him is beauty, 161.
Slander filled her mouth with lying, 598.
sharper than sword, 160.
the fondest whelp of sin, 598.
truth best vindication against, 660.
Slanderous tongues, done to death by, 54.
Slant sunbeams through fringes raining, 613.
Slape, ’t is dhrames and not, 590.
Slaughter, as a lamb to the, 1026.
as an ox goeth to the, 1017.
to a throne, wade through, 385.
Slaughters of the race, 816.
Slav Teuton Kelt I count them, 682.
Slave, base is the, that pays, 91.
born to be a, 413.
in his father’s stead, 779.
no, is here, 580.
of circumstance and impulse, 554.
passion’s, man that is not, 138.
states, no more, 652.
subject not a, 485.
territories, no, 652.
thou wretch thou coward, 79.
to no sect, 320.
to thousands, has been, 153.
to till my ground, 418.
tongue to curse the, 526.
trade, sum of all villanies, 359.
whatever day makes man a, 346.
Slaves and store of millet-seeds, 843.
as they are, 525.
Britons never shall be, 358.
cannot breathe in England, 418.
corrupted freemen are the worst of, 387.
in mockery over, 518.
necessity is the creed of, 453.
of centuries are free, 771.
so cruelly treated, no, 634.
sons of Columbia be, 863.
what can ennoble sots or, 319.
who dare not be in the right, 732.
who fear to speak for the fallen, 732.
with greasy aprons, 159.
Slavery a bitter draught, 379.
is but half abolished, 687.
or death, which to choose, 298.
price of chains and, 430.
Slay, pity it is to, the meanest, 594.
Slays, if the red slayer think he, 617.
Slayer, if the red, think he slays, 617.
of the winter, 790.
Sleave of care, ravelled, 119.
Sleek-headed men, 111.
Sleep, a hush more dead than any, 770.
and a forgetting, 477.
at last, all life will, 685.
beneath the sod, 843.
between a sleep and a, 805.
bless man who first invented, 720.
blessings on him who invented, 978.
care-charmer, 39.
charm that lulls to, 402.
Sleep, dark house and long, 600.
days with toil nights with, 92.
death and his brother, 567.
death is an eternal, 991.
deep and dreamless, 791.
end the heartache, by a, 135.
exposition of, I have an, 58.
falleth on men, when deep, 1008.
fan me while I, 418.
folding of the hands to, 1017.
full of rest from head to feet, 668.
happy soul all life, 685.
he giveth his beloved, 1016.
heavily on me like unwilling, 577.
holy spirit blessed soul, 667.
hour friendliest to, 235.
how, the brave, 389.
I lay me down in peace to, 864.
in Abraham’s bosom, 97.
in dull cold marble, 99.
in thy last long, 438.
in your cloak there’s no lodging, 750.
is a death, 218.
it is a gentle thing, 499.
life is rounded with a, 43.
Macbeth does murder, 119.
medicine thee to that sweet, 154.
mournful heart and let, 685.
murmur invites one to, 380.
nature’s soft nurse, 89.
nature’s sweet restorer balmy, 306.
neither night nor day, 116.
no more, I heard a voice cry, 119.
no more, to die to, 135.
now I lay me down to, 873.
now I lay me down to take my, 873.
O gentle sleep, 89.
of a labouring man, 1022.
of death, in that, 135.
of nights, such as, 111.
out of his, to sterte, 2.
peace not such as lulls to, 739.
perchance to dream, to, 135.
sinking in thy last long, 438.
six hours in, 24.
sleepless to give their readers, 331.
some must watch while some must, 138.
strong man after, 254.
sweetly tender heart, 667.
that knits up the ravelled sleave of care, 119.
that knows not breaking, 491.
the friend of woe, 508.
the innocent, 119.
they fade away, in, 685.
they, in the land they made free, 784.
till the end true soul, 668.
timely dew of, 233.
to mine eyes, I will not give, 1016.
to sleep, to, 685.
undisturbed, 367.
was aery-light, his, 234.
whether we wake or we, 664.
while sluggards, 360.
who can wrestle against, 696.
who, on glory’s brightest, 580.

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